U.S. Air Force Delivers E-4B Simulator

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Source: U.S. Air Force
Source: U.S. Air Force

April 11, 2022 | Originally published by U.S. Air Force on April 6, 2022

E-4B pilots and flight engineers assigned to the 595th Command and Control Group at Offutt Air Force Base have a new state-of-the-art training device.

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Simulator Division delivered the first-ever, high-fidelity, full-motion simulator designed to replicate E-4B flying operations and aerial refueling capability on April 1.

Prior to development of the new simulator, E-4B aircrew training relied on a non-E-4B representative Boeing 747 training device — located in Florida — or on the limited training sorties available due to the high mission operational need. With a small aircraft fleet, this simulator provides a strategic training advantage, enabling recurring and upgrade training while retaining aircraft availability for operations.

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