Army Modeling and Simulation Enterprise


Posted: February 9, 2016 | By: COL Joseph Nolan


In the past year, the Army has embraced a new M&S Strategy and is working on viable implementation actions across all six M&S communities. The Governance structure if functioning well has leadership advocacy to ensure cross-Army involvement in executing the priority actions. Laying the groundwork in the Live-Synthetic Enterprise Architecture, the Army M&S Enterprise endorsed the requirements for interoperability, reuse, adaptability, and net-centric data exchange for effective synchronization of acquisition efforts across the Army.

The M&S Governance bodies have made progress toward the Enterprise goals in developing the M&S data strategy, conducting the M&S Capability Portfolio Review, and partnership of the M&S communities in the Live-Synthetic Training and Test and Evaluation (LSTTE) Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture. These initiatives will be the basis for further cross-Army efforts in creating efficiencies and effectiveness critical to posture the Army for mission success.


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  4. Army Capability Portfolio Review (August 2015)

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