DARPA Selects Teams to Protect Computers’ “Roots of Trust” From Exploits

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Source: https://www.darpa.mil/DDM_Gallery/HARDEN%20619x316.jpg
Source: https://www.darpa.mil/DDM_Gallery/HARDEN%20619x316.jpg

October 25, 2022 | Originally published by DARPA on October 13, 2022

Cyber attackers hunt for exploits in computing systems via a phenomenon colloquially described as “weird machines.” Simply translated, the phrase means that a system’s own design and features can accidentally help an attacker operate the system in ways never intended. Unrelated, benign features across the system unwittingly add up to an unexpected or emergent execution engine that is ready to run attackers’ exploits.

For the Hardening Development Toolchains Against Emergent Execution Engines (HARDEN) program, DARPA selected teams to create practical tools that will prevent exploitation of integrated computing systems by disrupting the patterns of robust, reliable exploits used by attackers and depriving the attackers of emergent execution engines.

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