Digital Frontlines: The Marines’ Battle in the Virtual Trenches of Cyber Flag 23-2

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September 12, 2023 | Originally published by U.S. Marine Corps on August 23, 2023

To safeguard virtual spaces that house national secrets, power our daily lives, and influence global interactions, the United States Marine Corps remains proactive by being at the forefront of this battle. This was highlighted by the Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group and Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Battalion’s participation in this year’s Cyber Flag event.

“Nowadays, normal is technology,” said Sgt. Michael Rodriguez, a Defensive Cyberspace Operator with the Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group. He paints a vivid picture of our everyday dependence on digital infrastructure. “Remember whenever we had a toilet paper shortage, imagine that happening but with dairy products or beef and chicken. People not being able to get their food or not being able to communicate with people – everything could turn to anarchy real quick.”