Outcome-Based Acquisition

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Posted: March 14, 2016 | By: Roger Stewart

3) Inspection Compliance Matrix

We have discussed how Inspections can be used in the development process, but how can the Inspection Standard ensure Inspection process compliance by suppliers to produce quality products on schedule? The answer is an Inspection Compliance Matrix which the product acquirer would provide to software supplier candidates for them to complete during pre-contract acquisition bid proposals. The supplier’s completed Inspection compliance matrix would then be evaluated by the acquirer’s Inspection expert to verify the supplier’s current ability to comply with the Inspection standard prior to contract award (e.g., generate ongoing actionable Inspection results).


Figure 5: Example of an Inspection Compliance Matrix for IEEE Std. 1028TM-2008

Figure 5 is an example of an Inspection Compliance Matrix provided by the acquirer, to be completed by candidate suppliers.

Of particular importance are the four ‘Recommended (Rec.) Implementation’ columns which identify where the Inspection Standard Actions (shall, may, should) are best addressed by the Supplier’s training, computerized Inspection tools, and Inspection process material.   These four columns are populated and provided by the Acquirer for later comparison with how each Supplier candidate conveys their current Inspection capabilities they record in the five adjacent columns under ‘Supplier Implementation’.

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