Tech Training Transformation Modernizes Tech Training With Virtual Reality

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Source: U.S Air Force,
Source: U.S Air Force,

August 4, 2021 | Originally published by U.S. Air Force on July 26, 2021


Futuristic training, the kind of immersive simulations seen in sci-fi TV shows, is no longer a fictional dream. It’s almost here. With the Tech Training Transformation team’s creation of a virtual reality training system coordinated by artificial intelligence, Air Education and Training Command officials are transforming the Airmen development process. At the forefront of this development stand the cruxes of modern technology, high completion rates, and an agile speed of learning.

In partnership with officials at Sheppard Air Force Base, the T3 team has re-engineered the foundational Crew Chief Fundamentals Course into a VR experience. In July and August of 2020, 29 students donned VR gear and took the program for a spin. They examined tools, maintained simulated aircraft, and completed objectives, all within a 3-D, on-the-job environment.

The results were impressive. On the end-of-course assessment, scores from students within the program were comparable to those of students using traditional methods. However, both students and instructors commented on the quality of T3’s program, emphasizing how Airmen-centric and approachable the program made the training and how the personalized modalities built upon AETC’s world-class standards of quality. They also finished the course 46% faster, completing the 27-day course in just 12.5 days.

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