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Posted: March 14, 2016 | By: Thomas McGibbon


Did you notice?  Did you? … I hope you did. The name of our DACS publication has changed.  Our new publication name is now the DACS “Journal of Software Technology.”

In recent years, this quarterly publication has been called Software Tech News.  We have called it informally around the office here the ‘DACS Newsletter’.  That’s because in its original form, it was officially called the “DACS Newsletter”.  Also in the early DACS days, before the web, this publication was just a newsletter – it included some of the latest DoD news, information about new directories and publications, and calendar of event information.

For many years, we have received much positive reader feedback about the high quality of our technical articles and the high quality of the publication.  Many of you have told us (and we agree) that we are underselling this publication by calling it just a ‘Newsletter’.  It is much more than a newsletter.

We are also privileged to have an excellent and esteemed Editorial Board that helps us keep the quality high.  They help us find excellent and timely articles, write selected articles themselves, and critically review all articles before we publish them.

Many publications like ours have moved away from a hardcopy format to online/web copies only.  Feedback from our readers and members of our editorial board suggests that many of you prefer a hardcopy document.  You like the feel and portability of a hardcopy journal.

We a have an online version of the DACS Journal.  Electronic copies of our Journal are always available at  Some day we may have to move totally to an electronic format, but not today.
We are very excited about the name change to the “DACS Journal”.  We feel it reflects our ideal of what this publication should be.

DACS eNews

The DACS is proud to introduce our new bi-monthly electronic newsletter, the DACS E-News.  You should have received in your email inbox your own DACS E-News Vol. 1 No. 1 in early March 2011.  If you didn’t you probably haven’t signed up for it, which you can do by editing your account at the DACS website. Every other month the E-News publication will highlight key updates on the latest information available from the DACS website, new reports available from the DACS, as well as other software technology and software acquisition community updates.  Our first E-News contained information on such technical areas as Mobile Technology, Open Source Software, and Agile Development, to name a few.

We know your time is valuable, and we want the DACS E-News to provide the important information you need.  Content is constantly being updated and added to our website to keep you on top of our fast changing field.  The E-News will keep you on top of the latest of the latest.

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