The Junior Force Council: Reaching Out to New Employees


Posted: March 8, 2016 | By: Victoria Horan

Introduction and Council Mission

At the Information Directorate, we have a unique group of individuals that serves to ensure that the newer military and civilian employees have a positive impact on the Air Force mission. Formerly known as the “New Employee Organization”, this group is now recognized across the entire Air Force Materiel Command as the professional organization called the Junior Force Council, or JFC. Each directorate of the Air Force Research Lab hosts a local JFC, and these groups meet regularly as the AFRL JFC Corporate Board.

Officially the Junior Force of our organization is made up of all military and civilian employees with ten years of service or less at the Rome Research Site. The Junior Force elects their representative council annually to guide and motivate activities specific to the needs of the Junior Force. Whether these needs relate to mentoring or leadership or training, the JFC will work to find a solution. Additionally, the elected council voices the ideas and concerns of the Junior Force to leadership, both locally and at the higher levels.

Benefits of a Council

The Information Directorate benefits greatly from the creation of the Junior Force Council. Some of these benefits are clear, such as the benefits of offering training and professional development opportunities to junior employees. However the Council offers many other benefits as well. Serving on the council provides a junior employee an opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Attending cross-directorate events allows for networking and collaboration that can be challenging for a new employee working in a lab. Additionally, planning and attending JFC events can allow junior employees to showcase their skills and abilities with senior leaders present. Finally, a core activity hosted by our JFC is providing opportunities for our employees to visit other Air Force installations to get a better understanding of our role as a research lab within the greater Air Force. All of these benefits combined provides for a stronger work force and improved employee retention.

Focus Areas

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