Using AI to Develop Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures

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AI - cyber
A new, innovative method using AI is paving the way for enhanced cybersecurity measures (credit: Maksim Eren; image created in DALL-E.)

March 5, 2024 | Originally published by Los Alamos Laboratory on February 15, 2024

A research team at Los Alamos National Laboratory is using artificial intelligence to address several critical shortcomings in large-scale malware analysis, making significant advancements in the classification of Microsoft Windows malware and paving the way for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Using their approach, the team set a new world record in classifying malware families.

“Artificial intelligence methods developed for cyber-defense systems, including systems for large-scale malware analysis, need to consider real-world challenges,” said Maksim Eren, a scientist in Advanced Research in Cyber Systems at Los Alamos. “Our method addresses several of them.”

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