Wargaming at the Naval Postgraduate School


Posted: December 1, 2016 | By: Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron, Robert E. Burks, Jeff Kline

Mobile Training Team Courses

Since 2011, NPS faculty have gone on the road to deliver wargaming education. This is provided to organizations that want to establish an organic wargaming capability or that are expanding their existing wargaming capacity.

Basic Analytic Wargaming Mobile Training Team (MTT) Course


Indonesian Navy students tackle a difficult South China Sea scenario in the Basic Analytic Wargaming MTT course

NPS offers a five-day Basic Analytic Wargaming Course to defense partners at their home station. The course provides hands-on experience with designing, developing, executing, and analyzing a wargame. This course is a compressed version of the 11-week resident course described above. The sponsoring organization provides the wargaming topic that will be the focus for the students. The course is then oriented on mentoring the students’ development of a wargame that is then executed by the students themselves on the last day of the course. Like the resident course, this course is a mixture of lectures and practical exercises, with even more emphasis on practice. The course was first conducted for the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre, and was followed by courses for U.S. Strategic Command, Indonesian Navy, U.S. Central Command, and the Australian government’s Defence Science and Technology Group.

Non-standard MTT Courses and Workshops


Playing Risk spurs a lively debate on tactics among Counter-Terrorism students in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

A custom-designed course is created when a sponsor has a unique wargaming requirement. In 2011, a five day Peacegaming course was designed and conducted for the Kazakhstan Army in order to assess the Kazakh Army students’ knowledge of U.N. Peacekeeping Operations using the Peace Support Operations Model (PSOM) developed by the United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. A wargaming research and development workshop was provided to Lockheed Martin Space Systems through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) in 2012. A five day Wargaming and Combat Modeling for Counter-terrorism course was designed and delivered in 2014 for Tajikistan government and military students.

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