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11 JANUARY 2021

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U.S. CYBERCOM 2021: A Year in Review

Here are some of U.S. Cyber Command’s (CYBERCOM’s) most impactful moments of 2021: Over the last year, the cybersecurity community has encountered new challenges and worked to adapt and respond in innovative ways. Ransomware is no longer considered just criminal activity but a threat to national defense and infrastructure; deterrence is conducted across multiple domains…


Featured Notable Technical Inquiry

Security-Conscious Password Behavior From the End-User’s Perspective

Even though technical solutions for security problems are widespread, there are no adequate security measures against precarious user behavior.  Even if hashing and encrypting are used correctly in masking the passwords, attackers can bypass these strong points by going for the weakest link.  Most likely, this will happen through sharing a password, using an already leaked password, or creating a feasibly guessable password (Olmstead &…

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Physical Cybersecurity: Using One-Way Data Diodes to Secure Asset Monitoring

A new class of technology promises to combine the security of an “air gap” with the connectivity needed to efficiently manage both modern and legacy operational technology (OT) systems.  In September 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Critical Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommended the use of one-way communication diodes to protect control systems in…



Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity resilience underscores the importance of adapting and fortifying your organization’s defenses against an array of cyberthreats. Cybersecurity leaders must navigate a complex and ever-changing environment where cyberattacks can…

HammerCon 2024

HammerCon 2024 is a 1-day event located in Laurel, MD, on Thursday, May 16, 2024. This event, hosted by the Military Cyber Professionals Association, will allow an attendee to participate in one of three tracks…

2024 DAF Modeling and Simulation Summit

The theme of the 2024 U.S. Department of the Air Force (DAF) Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Summit is “Training in a Digital World,” which highlights DAF’s drive to upskill personnel through digital training. The goal…

IDGA Air Dominance Summit

The second annual IDGA Air Dominance Summit will build upon last year’s event and bring together over 200 senior U.S. and international leaders from the fighter aircraft community for an event focused on how allied…

RSA Conference 2024

The RSA Conference is a cyber-related event where industry professionals converge to learn, forge connections, and advance their careers. Throughout the 4-day conference, key talking points will include: Artificial intelligence DevSecOps Factor Analysis of Information…

Cyber Technology for National Security (CTNS) 2024

CTNS is a forum for presentation and discussion of research, prototyping, assessment, and operational uses of cyber technology in the interest of national security, with a focus on military and national mission systems. This program…

Voice From the Community

Renee Stock
Renee Stock

Practice Leader, Government Contractors; Director of Risk Management

Renee has dedicated 16 years of her 20+ years in the insurance industry to government contract insurance and risk management for hundreds of clients. As a contracted educator for Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, she has given many presentations to industry on cyber insurance and received the coveted CCIC designation from Carnegie Mellon in cybersecurity. She is a featured speaker at numerous conferences, events, and webinars and heavily active in the government contracting community. Renee provides proactive
risk management, specializing in international coverage, management liability, and cyber liability.

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