IEEE Secure Development Conference

October 18, 2021 - October 21, 2021

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IEEE Secure Development Conference

Hosted By: IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy


SecDev is a venue for presenting ideas, research, and experience about how to develop secure systems. It focuses on theory, techniques, and tools to “build security in” to existing and new computing systems, not just on simply discovering the absence of security.

The goal of SecDev is to encourage and disseminate ideas for secure system development among academia, industry, and government. It aims to bridge the gap between constructive security research and practice and enable the real-world impact of security research in the long run. Developers have valuable experiences and ideas that can inform academic research, and researchers have concepts, studies, and even code and tools that could benefit developers. Great SecDev contributions could come from attendees of industrial conferences like AppSec and RSA; from attendees of academic conferences like IEEE S&P, IEEE CSF, USENIX Security, CCS, NDSS, PLDI, ICSE, FSE, ISSTA, SOUPS, HOST, and others; and from newcomers.

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