Pen Test HackFest Summit & Training 2022

November 14, 2022 - November 21, 2022

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Hosted By: SANS

Location: Arlington, VA

Learn, connect, and share with some of the most advanced cybersecurity operators in the world at this year’s Pen Test HackFest Summit. This one-of-a-kind summit brings together all aspects of offensive operations – covering the latest research in penetration testing, exploit writing, red teaming, adversary emulation, and more.

The HackFest will include:

  • Highly technical talks, demos, and panel discussions – Presenters will share proven techniques, tools, and capabilities to help you expand your skill set and better inform your organization’s defenses.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities – Connect with cybersecurity professionals from around the world and discuss all things offensive operations.
  • Summit night out – For in-person attendees, we’ll head out for the evening to explore and enjoy a special social event. Be prepared for anything, including a special competition or challenge.
  • SANS HackFest CTF – This year will highlight the large variety of offensive skills taught across multiple courses in the offensive operations curriculum. Test your skills against challenges based on network penetration testing, web, and binary exploitation as well as programming and forensics challenges.
  • Closely aligned SANS offensive operations courses – Following the summit, enhance your knowledge base with a hands-on, immersive course taught by top SANS instructors and course authors.

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