Published:  July 25, 2016

Basic Complexity

From inviting complexity into our processes, or dealing with the complexities of quantum keys, to getting back to basics in security and training solutions, this issue of the CSIAC Journal explores unique concepts in advancing productivity and security.

In This Issue

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Quantum Key Distribution: Boon or Bust?

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is an emerging cybersecurity technology which provides the means for two geographically separated parties to grow “unconditionally secure” symmetric cryptographic keying material. Unlike traditional key distribution techniques, the security of QKD…

Computer Supported Training Solutions: Discussion of a New Framework for Effective Development and Deployment

The potential that computer supported training solutions bring to the military training domain is fairly well recognized, yet we still do not see evidence of large scale adoption or effective deployment of these systems in…

Back to Basics: Firmware in NFV Security

Carriers no longer want their speciality pizzas delivered in a box, fully baked with pre-determined toppings. In fact they figure that it is economical to purchase standard pizza ingredients wholesale, bake ginormous crusts and believe…

Modeling and Simulation Data Integration – Inviting Complexity

In the arena of modeling and simulation (M&S) data translation and integration is key to the success of every application. As the growth of sophistication in the ability to simultaneously apply live, virtual, and constructive…