Spring 2020: Volume 7 Issue 4

Published:  April 9, 2020

Data-Centric Environment – Rise of Internet-Based Modern Warfare ‘iWar

Volume 7, Issue 4 of the CSIAC Journal, titled “Data-Centric Environment – Rise of Internet-Based Modern Warfare ‘iWar’,” addresses a collection of modern security concerns that range from social media attacks and internet-connected devices to a hypothetical defense strategy for private sector entities. This Issue’s first article, titled “Evaluation of Comprehensive Taxonomies for Information Technology Threats” evaluates the different taxonomies of cyber-physical threats and their associated impact on mission capabilities. The second offering identifies a number of social media cyber-attacks as well as solution-based platforms to ascertain whether malicious activity has occurred. This Issue’s third article investigates the performance of several binary classifiers and their ability to distinguish between non-verified and verified tweets based on the age of training data, under the title “Times Change and Your Training Data Should Too: The Effect of Training Data Recency on Twitter Classifiers.” The final article in this Issue, titled “Rebooting Letters of Marque for Private Sector Active Cyber Defense,” discusses a modern interpretation of a Constitutional Clause to allow the private sector to defend themselves outside of their network borders.