Published:  March 10, 2014

Knowledge Management

This journal discusses knowledge management, “bring your own device” and the challenges of syncing calendars, more effective search through “Dynamic Tailoring”, and the Behavioral Economics of Cybersecurity.

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A Knowledge Management (KM) Primer

It can be difficult to navigate your way around the field of knowledge management (KM). Whether you are just starting out and thinking about putting ideas about KM into practice, or you work in a…


Department of Defense (DoD) procurement references a large number of military-unique specifications, standards, and handbooks (standardization documents).  Project proposals and contracts with the DoD reference these standardization documents, often down to the sub-paragraph level.  The…

BYOD Topic: How Complicated Can Calendars Be?

Using a representative example from something as simple as calendar synchronization, the unintended consequences of moving too quickly into the Bring Your Own Device realm are highlighted, with some commentary on strategies that can help….

Metrinome – Continuous Monitoring and Security Validation of Distributed Systems

Distributed enterprise systems consist of a collection of interlinked services and components that exchange information to collectively implement functionality in support of (sometimes mission critical) workflows. Systematic experimental testing and continuous runtime monitoring of these…

BEC: Applying Behavioral Economics to Harden Cyberspace

This article describes several cybersecurity innovations. First, it proposes to integrate behavioral economics’ findings of biases in judgment and decision-making into cyber strategies, policies, and guidance using a new framework called Behavioral Economics of Cybersecurity,…