Published:  September 4, 2019

Resilient Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

This edition of the CSIAC Journal focuses on the topic of cybersecurity of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), particularly those that make up Critical Infrastructure (CI).

Cyber threats will pose an increasing risk to public health, safety, and prosperity as information technologies are integrated into critical infrastructure, vital national networks, and consumer devices.

– National Intelligence Strategy 2019


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Resilient Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

Cyber-physical system attacks have crept from the theory to reality; 2017-2018 demonstrated the severity of the threat to Critical Infrastructure, hence to national security by way of coordinated cyber and physical attacks (CCPA). The most…

Gaining Endpoint Log Visibility in ICS Environments

Security event logging is a base IT security practice and is referenced in Industrial Control Security (ICS) standards and best practices. Although there are many techniques and tools available to gather event logs and provide…

Applying Cyber Threat Intelligence to Industrial Control Systems

THE PURPOSE OF CYBER THREAT INTELLIGENCE (CTI) IS TO HELP PROTECT NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURES. Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) have been created to help facilitate CTI effectiveness within organizations employing traditional information technology networks. The industrial control…

Practical Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity: IT and OT Have Converged – Discover and Defend Your Assets

More than half of respondents to a recent Industrial (Internet of Things) IoT security survey use connected devices in Industrial IoT systems: 71% actively collect and monitor process health data. 69% collect status, alarms and…

Addressing Both Sides of the Cybersecurity Equation

Today’s cyber defenders find themselves at a disadvantage despite technological advances in cyber defense. Among the chief causes of this disadvantage is the asymmetry in a cyber conflict that favors the attacker. On one side…