Published:  September 10, 2013

Understanding Cyber Risks and Security Management

This journal discusses cyber risks to transportation control systems, the Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM), and security for mobile network operators.

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Cyber Risk to Transportation Industrial Control Systems

This paper is a result of a cyber risk assessment undertaken with the goal of increasing the cyber awareness of operators of infrastructure, managers, and political leadership. The meaning of cyber has, in our opinion,…

An Overview of the Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM)

Schedule slippage is an unfortunate reality for many large development programs. The Australian Defence Materiel Organisation Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM) provides a framework for identifying and communicating the root causes of schedule slippage…

4G LTE Security for Mobile Network Operators

1. Abstract: Mobile network operators (MNOs) must grapple with complex security management in fourth generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) deployments. The security architecture of 4G LTE may lull MNOs into a sense of complacence…