Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) and DOD – Challenges and Solutions

Presented: February 11, 2013 12:00 pm
Presented by: Elfriede Dustin

This presentation discusses automated software testing challenges and solutions based on experiences with DOD systems. The presentation will discuss how a DOD SBIR funded automated testing solution called Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) attempts to address these challenges along with the unresolved challenges and what the ideal automated software testing solution could look like in the near future. For example, often automated testing tools become shelf-ware when the maintenance of the automated tests is too involved. Automated testers look for the “update my automated tests” button, so their tests could automatically be updated when needed with little maintenance is required. This presentation also discusses how to create maintainable automated software test cases and how to overcome some of the “other” DOD automated testing challenges. This implementation will be applicable to other government agencies,

Learning Objectives:

– Automated Testing Requirements and Solutions
– How to select the right tool for the job
– How to create maintainable automated test cases
– Why image based automated testing
– Model based automated test structure and creation
– Remaining automated testing challenges and proposed solutions

A follow-up to this webinar is available here.

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