Cyber Information Sharing and Public Policy

Presented: September 3, 2015 11:00 am
Presented by: Dr. John Bay

The US Senate is currently debating a vote on its thirteenth major cybersecurity information sharing bill. It is important to understand why the government is being so persistent pursuing such policy and why the previous twelve bills have failed. The reasons to pursue such a bill can be compared to the reasons that we have a Centers for Disease Control and a World Health Organization: in order to gather and correlate enough data that we can detect trends and prevent the spread of infection. The reasons that the bills have all failed focus primarily on privacy, liability, and a suspicion of government surveillance.

This webinar will examine the case on both sides of this debate, and will provide the current state of proposed legislation at the state and federal levels. We will then discuss emerging models of information sharing organizations and propose a private model that is gaining popularity and acceptance.

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