Introduction and Overview

Presented: November 11, 2014 12:00 pm
Presented by: Dr. Paul B. Losiewicz

Introduction by Dr. Paul Losiewicz

The Cyber Security Metrics Workshop is a one-day review of current trends in policy, tools and techniques of interest to managers and Cyber Security professionals useful in measuring ones cyber security vulnerability. The workshop provides an overview of the current state of understanding of what is presently available and will focus on what research needs to be done to develop robust and easy to use techniques to assess and monitor cyber preparedness and vulnerability.

Areas of particular interest to DoD are:
Latest DoD Policy and Guidance
DoD Training Evaluation Standards for Specific Cyber Missions
DoD Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Vulnerability Assessment
Cyber Range Standards
Impact of NIST Standards on Certification & Accreditation of critical systems
Agency performance metrics

Focus Areas

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