Managing Transformational Projects in a Military Setting

Presented: April 26, 2016 11:00 am
Presented by: Karen Miller

What is your project management style? Effective project management techniques are best learned via experience as opposed to in a book. This presentation will provide valuable “lessons learned” by examining both the mistakes and successes in managing and accomplishing “impossible” projects. This webinar will review a selection of project management principles and concepts. These include: understanding power and influence, listening, and working within the military decision-making process and environment. This briefing will describe an inclusive, collaborative approach to project management while still incorporating the directive nature of the military government. This particular approach is especially tailored to accommodate working within a matrixed project management environment. This presentation will teach you to employ these proven techniques in your workplace in order to motivate your employees to be proactive and foster improved teamwork. The outcome will be projects that are successfully completed within schedule and budget. In turn, this will produce satisfied customers in the process.

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