Network Survivability Assessment Methodology

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Presented: September 22, 2021 12:00 pm
Presented by: Philip Payne

This presentation describes a network survivability assessment methodology for Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities teams to identify cyber threats early in the acquisition cycle.

The U.S. Department of Defense Acquisition Process begins with a Material Solution Analysis (MSA) and culminates with operations and support.  An Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) takes place after all potential solutions are examined to fulfill a need and a preliminary acquisition strategy has been established.  The AoA consists of an analytical comparison of the operational effectiveness, suitability, and life-cycle cost of materiel solution alternatives that satisfy the established capability need, as described in an Initial Capabilities Document.   Due to the limited amount of system information that is available during the MSA phase for a set of alternatives being considered, a methodology is required to identify potential system threats early in the acquisition cycle.

According to the AoA Handbook from the Office of Aerospace Studies, effectiveness analysis is normally the most complex element of an AoA. The goal of the effectiveness analysis is to determine the military worth of the alternatives being considered when performing mission tasks.  The network survivability assessment methodology is applied to provide an assessment of existing security controls effectiveness to protect key mission technologies.



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