Projects in Less Time; 3 Secrets to Dramatically Reduce Lead Time

Presented: October 23, 2009 11:00 am
Presented by: Mark Woeppel

Presented by Mark Woeppel, President/CEO, Pinnacle Strategies

If your organization is like many, you continue to experience failure delivering projects to schedule, budget, and scope, and may experience cancelled projects at an alarming rate. It affects all projects from basic R&D to construction, in all industries. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) enables you to deliver project success in ‘half the time, all the time’.

Organizations that implement Critical Chain are reporting these results:

* 20-50 % reduction in actual execution time
* 30-60 % increase in resource productivity
* 50-200 % increase in project throughput
* Return on Investments ratio greater than 100:1
* Significant improvement in Quality of Life
* Stable and continuous process improvement
CCPM is not about doing things better, but fundamentally changing how things are done. By purposefully developing your managers and the processes they use, you change the very core of how things are done; thus facilitating real, focused improvements in many different parts of your organization.

This one hour presentation (with a half hour for questions) by Mark Woeppel, author of “Projects in Less Time: A Synopsis of Critical Chain”, will present the core concepts of the CCPM method as it applies to three main areas of projects: execution, planning & project portfolio management.

You’ll learn:

* The main reason most projects fail deliver on their promises of on time delivery, budget & scope.
* The core ideas behind CCPM
* Why CCPM delivers real results
* A strategy to improve your project performance
Who benefits from attending?

Project Managers who are responsible for establishing or managing projects of any size or complexity; but especially those with high-risk projects.
Project Planners who are responsible for planning or coordinating projects
Program Managers who are accountable for the scheduling and success of multiple projects.
Functional Managers who are responsible for assigning resources to multiple projects with conflicting demands.
Senior Managers who want to achieve a step change in organizational performance.
Mark Woeppel is a master of organizational transformation with a lengthy track record of successful turnarounds. He is a recognized expert in the Theory of Constraints, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement. He has earned the founder’s implementer certification from the TOC-ICO.

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