Resilient Cloud Services: Design, Analysis and Evaluation

Presented: October 11, 2015 11:00 am
Presented by: Salim Hariri

Current advances in computing, networking and software technology will lead to the development of cyberspace (“cloud”) services that are ubiquitous and will revolutionize all aspects of our life. The delivery of these services will require cyberspace resources that are highly resilient. This presentation will review the development of a Resilient Cloud Services (RCS) Methodology. RCS has three main goals:

  1. Stop and/or eliminate the effectiveness of spam, viruses, worms as well as other cyber attacks (known or unknown)
  2. Deliver uninterrupted cloud services in spite of cyber attacks and hardware or software failures
  3. Build “hassle-free” cyber services that are self-aware, self-adaptive, self-healing and self-protective

This presentation will examine the implementation approach for an RCS environment that is based on three primary techniques:

  1. Software Behavior Encryption (SBE)
  2. Continuous Monitoring and Analysis
  3. Autonomic Management

In conclusion, experimental results and the evaluation of the RCS approach to secure and protect several types of cloud applications and services will be reviewed.

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