System of Systems Capability-to-Requirements Engineering

Presented: November 11, 2012 12:00 pm
Presented by: Jo Ann Lane

Presenter: Jo Ann Lane, USC

Given an existing set of interconnected, independent systems, often referred to as a system of systems (SoS), one of the key activities according to the DoD Systems Engineering Guide for Systems of Systems is “translating SoS capability objectives into high-level SoS requirements”. Capability engineering starts with understanding the desired capability and identifying various options for achieving that capability. Initial capability engineering is typically done by assessing available resources and assets to identify existing functions from which the new capability can be composed, followed by a gap analysis for each alternative identified. Finally, each alternative is further evaluated in terms of capability performance, cost, and schedule, resulting in information that can be used to support the trade decision. This presentation:

-Provides additional guidance for translating capability objectives into requirements

-Defines SoS engineering (SoSE) methods, processes, and tools (MPTs) that might support this activity

-Illustrates how the SoSE MPTs would be used and integrated to support SoS engineering using Regional Area Crisis Response SoS (RACRS) example

While many of the techniques and methods described here are not new, they are used in ways tailored to support SoS and SoSE analyses and integrated together through a process to support capability-to-requirements engineering in a more rigorous, repeatable manner, resulting in meaningful information about alternatives that can be used to support a final decision on how the capability will be implemented. The MPTs described here are illustrated using the RACRS SoS. RACRS is a notional SoS that has been crafted to support SoSE research using actual systems in the public domain often employed to respond to regional crisis situations.

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