The Bilateral Enterprise Analysis Model (BEAM)

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Presented: September 13, 2023 12:00 pm
Presented by: Mark Gallagher, Ph.D., Stephen Sturgeon, Ph.D.

The Bilateral Enterprise Analysis Model (BEAM) is a new joint campaign tool that enables easy analysis of strategy, force structure, or infrastructure changes. It has an enterprise resolution, which is less detailed than campaign simulations.  Within BEAM’s missions are the main modeling entities. BEAM employs a novel approach to modeling uncertainty—it models the statistical distributions of all assets within regions.  Each simulated day, BEAM conducts a design of experiments and initiates a simulation thread at each of the design points.

Probability and outcome states associated with the assessing side having achieved all their phase ends (military objectives) are stored until the following phase commences.  The repeated application of the simulation threads produces statistical distribution of outcomes with a single pass through the simulated time (with no need for replications).  The United States has employed BEAM in a large trade-space study.  The United States is distributing the BEAM for free to U.S. organizations and NATO nations. NATO is intending to include BEAM in their Next Generation Modeling & Simulation architecture.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • BEAM Overview – What is BEAM?
  • BEAM Methodology – Model Flows, Key Algorithms, and Frameworks
  • BEAM Data – Assets, Missions, and Data Generation Process
  • Status & Way Ahead – Current Use Cases & Future Development



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