The Ins and Outs of Communities of Practice

Presented: June 11, 2013 11:00 am
Presented by: Dr. Mark Addleson

There is broad agreement that collaboration – the desire to share knowledge and the willingness and ability of people to learn from each other – is not just ‘nice to have’ but is actually necessary for a productive workplace today. While many attempts are made to build communities of practice, often as part of an organization-wide knowledge management initiative, unfortunately, few of these efforts are really successful.

To understand the role and relevance of communities of practice in today’s workplaces, what it takes to establish sustainable communities, and how and why organizations struggle to do so, this webinar starts by looking at the nature of work and how communities of practice support the work we do. The object of the webinar is to provide you with a deeper understanding of communities of practice, including what they can do for you and how to establish successful communities of practice.

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