SBU Research Team Takes Major Step Toward a Functioning Quantum Internet

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Stony Brook Quantum Information Laboratory
Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: (L-R) Eden Figueroa, Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy, works with Post Doctoral Researcher Dr. Sonali Gera and Ph.D. student Chase Wallace in his quantum information technology laboratory (source: BNL).

February 13, 2024 | Originally published by Brookhaven National Laboratory on February 7, 2024

A team of Stony Brook University physicists and their collaborators have taken a significant step toward the building of a quantum internet testbed by demonstrating a foundational quantum network measurement that employs room-temperature quantum memories. Their findings are described in a paper published in the Nature journal Quantum Information.

Research with quantum computing and quantum networks is taking place around the world in the hopes of developing a quantum internet, a network of quantum computers, sensors, and communication devices that will create, process, and transmit quantum states and entanglement. It is anticipated to enhance society’s internet system and provide certain services and securities that the current internet does not have.