Software Data & Analysis

Software and Data Analysis is defined as the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making.

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Guaranteeing AI Robustness against Deception (GARD)

Counter-AI Offensive Tools and Techniques

What is the state of industry investment in and development of products in support of counter-artificial intelligence offensive tools and techniques?

Why are commonly used software suites not managed on larger contracts and used to negotiate better discounts?

Why are commonly used software suites not managed on larger contracts and used to negotiate better discounts?

ServiceNow Alternatives and Their Pros/Cons

Can you provide alternatives to ServiceNow for sharing research results across an organization?


Graph Nueral Networks

Researchers at ORNL Demonstrate Scalability of GNNs on World’s Most Powerful Computing Systems

Solving today’s most complex scientific challenges often means tracing links between hundreds, thousands, or even millions of variables. The larger the scientific dataset, the more complex these connections become. With experiments generating petabytes and even…

A graphic shows the watch floor of Navy Fleet Cyber Command.

US Can Respond Decisively to Cyber Threat Posed by China

The cyber challenge posed by China is unlike any challenge ever faced by the US and its allies, said the Commander of United States Cyber Command. Speaking yesterday before the House Select Committee on the…

Students from UCSD visit March ARB to help incorporate Artificial Intelligence into MQ-9 Platform

Battle Looming Between AI and Counter-AI, Says Official

The Defense Department is just at the start of using artificial intelligence. “Peer competitors are as well,” said Jude R. Sunderbruch, Executive Director of the DoD Cyber Crime Center, who spoke today at the Google…


Understanding Distributed and Blockchain End-to-End Encryption Communication Services

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and “web3” are all terms that you may have heard before or possibly dabbled in; but are you aware that there are dark nets and end-to-end encryption messaging services built on blockchains? Are…

Simulation-Based Testing for DoD Software

The discipline of software testing is changing to align with the automated processes of Agile DevSecOps.  Automated testing is executed by running test scripts or scenarios against the System Under Test (SUT) without human intervention. …

Explainable, Do-It-Yourself Artificial Intelligence Supporting the DoD and the Intelligence Community

Although artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make rapid advances in the automation of many analysis and operations tasks, the development and training of AI models typically require detailed AI engineering or research expertise. Once a…


Washington DC SASE Summit

Netskope’s 2024 SASE Summit is a free, single-day event meant to help attendees: Learn from seasoned practitioners on navigating through industry complexities toward a robust SASE and zero-trust architecture Discover strategies to safeguard your data…

Fifth Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Standardization Conference

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) plans to hold the 5th NIST PQC Standardization Conference from April 10-12, 2024, in Rockville, Maryland. The purpose of the conference is to discuss various aspects of…

Advantage DoD 2024: Defense Data & AI Symposium

Advantage DoD 2024:  Defense Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Symposium is a three-day cyber and modeling-focused symposium. Key topics include generative AI, large language models, data and analytics, enablers (such as tools for small businesses,…