Knowledge Management & Information Sharing

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing is defined as the analysis and technical support of practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, conduct, and enable the adoption and leveraging of good practices embedded in collaborative settings and, in particular, in organizational processes.

Recent Inquiries

Common Data Models

What common data models exist that allow merging and generating data from different information repositories?

Overarching Wireless Technology Programs for the U.S. Air Force

Is there an overarching Wi-Fi program for the U.S. Air Force?

The State of Today’s Cyber Ranges

What is the state of cyber technical ranges, and what current software tools are used at each range?


Quantum Security – Quantum Computing and the Threat to Cybersecurity

The promise of quantum computing is to revolutionize traditional computing, enabling us to tackle computational challenges previously considered impossible. Quantum computers are ideal for conducting data simulation experiments used in forecasting, chemical modeling, and materials…

Understanding Distributed and Blockchain End-to-End Encryption Communication Services

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and “web3” are all terms that you may have heard before or possibly dabbled in; but are you aware that there are dark nets and end-to-end encryption messaging services built on blockchains? Are…

Systems Security Engineering (SSE) Cyber Guidebook (SSECG)

The Department of the Air Force (DAF) Systems Security Engineering (SSE) Cyber Guidebook (SSECG) is intended to assist Program Offices in performing Cybersecurity, Cyber Resiliency and Cyber Survivability analyses required to protect our National Security…


Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

More details will be available closer to the start of the conference. 2022’s conference top priorities were: Attract, reskill and retain IT Talent Position for sustainable future Optimize costs while delivering value Enable agile practices…

Data Strategy & Insights

Data and technology leaders are well-positioned to break down silos and lead this insights-driven business transformation. They will do this by tackling technical challenges of data quality, data governance and data engineering as well as…

RSA Conference 2023

This year’s RSA Conference theme is “Stronger Together.” It’s expected to host more than 3000 attendees and will emphasize topics such as DevSecOps and Cloud Security. Some key speakers will include: Rob Duhart Jr. –…