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New Online Tool to Improve Stakeholder Engagement with Security and Privacy Controls

NIST has improved the usability of their most downloaded NIST publication, Special Publication (SP) 800-53. NIST has now made it available in additional data formats (e.g., CSV, XML, OSCAL, and online) and has improved the overall accessibility of the document. In response to suggestions (and in the spirit of the NIST publication development principles), NIST…


Featured Notable Technical Inquiry

Challenges in Applying the Law of Armed Conflict to Cyberwar

On June 17, 2010, a small antivirus company established in Belarus discovered the Stuxnet worm. Later research would reveal that an earlier variant of the worm existed at least a year earlier. Stuxnet reputedly caused the physical degradation of some 1,000 centrifuges at the Natanz facility in Iran, based on data of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) [1]. While the identity of the perpetrators…

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President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition: Building a Competition Across the Federal Workforce

In 2019, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) held the first cybersecurity competition for the federal workforce. The goal of the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition is “to identify, challenge, and reward the United States government’s best cybersecurity practitioners and teams across offensive and defensive cybersecurity disciplines.” To be able to…



Systems Thinking Training

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  THIS CLASS IS COMPLETELY FULL. Cybersecurity professionals know that the human element is a wild card in even the best-designed systems. As a complex socio-technical system with human and engineered components,…

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity resilience underscores the importance of adapting and fortifying your organization’s defenses against an array of cyberthreats. Cybersecurity leaders must navigate a complex and ever-changing environment where cyberattacks can…

The 92nd Military Operations Research Symposium (MORS)

For over 55 years, the annual Military Operations Research Symposium (MORS) has been the opportunity for the national security community to exchange information, examine research, and discuss critical national security topics. Held in notable locations,…

Graph Exploitation Symposium 2024

The symposium brings together leading experts from universities, industry, and government to explore the state of the art and define a future roadmap in network science. The themes of this year’s symposium are domain-informed models…

Voice From the Community

Michael Williams
MIchael G. Williams

Lead Senior Security Engineer, Joint Environment Toolset (JET), Raytheon Intelligence & Space

I am a technical staff member subject matter expert with nearly 25 years of expertise in systems, network, and security life cycle engineering and architecture. As a senior security engineer, I have supported several large infrastructure and system engineering and deployment projects, including engineering, deploying, and implementing all the security tools for a new DoD facility and engineering and deploying several security tools for a DoD on-prem private cloud solution. My background is in management information systems, telecommunications, and information assurance. I am an expert with several security tools, security techniques, risk assessments, accreditation, compliance, and Internet of Things security. I hold a Ph.D. in computer engineering.

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