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5 APRIL 2022

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NIST Releases Assessment Procedures for Enhanced Security Requirements, NIST Special Publication 800-172A

NIST has released Special Publication (SP) 800-172A, “Assessing Enhanced Security Requirements for Controlled Unclassified Information,” to support the protection of controlled unclassified information associated with a critical program or high-value asset in nonfederal systems and organizations. SP 800-172A provides federal agencies and nonfederal organizations with procedures that can be used to assess the enhanced security…


Featured Notable Technical Inquiry

Smart Cities, Smart Bases, and Secure Cloud Architecture for Resiliency by Design

Smart cities’ critical infrastructure, economy, and governance are designed to sustainably improve the well-being of residents. Critical infrastructures, such as energy, electricity grids, communications networks, transportation, and water systems, are digitally enhanced to provide smart services to city residents while ensuring security issues are well monitored and effectively addressed.  

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CSIAC hosts live online technical presentations featuring a DoD research and engineering topic within our technical focus areas.



Evaluating the Resiliency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems: An Overview of Adversarial AI

As highlighted in the Summary of the 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) AI Strategy, the DoD is committed to leading in military ethics and AI safety. As a focal point of the strategy, the DoD seeks to ensure that developed and deployed AI systems are resilient (i.e., secure and robust). This webinar will provide an…



Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Conference 2024

The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Conference will explore the developments and challenges in cybersecurity, technology innovation, workforce development, and critical infrastructure protection. Speakers and attendees will include leaders from across the…

Black Hat USA 2024

Now in its 27th year, Black Hat USA returns to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas with a six-day program. The event will open with four days of cybersecurity training (August 3-8), with…

Cyber Security Training at SANSFIRE Washington, DC 2024

This event is focused on highlighting what steps are necessary to defend an organization from external threats before a breach occurs in today’s workplace. To accomplish this, 40 virtual or in-person cybersecurity courses are offered…

Graph Exploitation Symposium 2024

The symposium brings together leading experts from universities, industry, and government to explore the state of the art and define a future roadmap in network science. The themes of this year’s symposium are domain-informed models…

Voice From the Community

Tapan Patel

Mechanical Engineer, ERDC

Mr. Tapan Patel is a mechanical engineer at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), where he is responsible for leading research projects related to energy research and development for U.S. Department of Defense facilities. He performs research in cybersecurity for control systems, demonstration and validation of advanced metering equipment, and development of hardware/software prototypes.

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