Digital Forensics for National Security Symposium

August 2, 2023 - August 3, 2023

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Hosted By: Defense Strategies Institute

Location: College Park, MD

The 4th Annual Digital Forensics for National Security Symposium will provide a forum for members of the intelligence community (IC), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), federal government, industry, and academia to discuss the advancement of digital forensics capabilities across the whole of government to examine, manage, and use digital evidence to support criminal investigations, crime prevention, and threat mitigation efforts.

Some topics covered by this event will include:

  • Delivering Superior Digital Forensics Across the Whole of Government
  • AFOSI’s Mission to Utilize Innovative Digital Forensics Capabilities to Enable Effective Investigations
  • The NSA’s Approach to Cyber Security in the Digital Age
  • Harnessing the Power of Digital Forensics to Improve Public Safety and Promote Justice
  • Developing and Deploying Digital Forensics Technologies to Support the FBI’s Intelligence, National Security, and Law Enforcement Operations
  • Independently Investigating and Preventing Crimes to Enable the Army’s Mission
  • Guiding the Secret Service’s Investigative Work to Fight 21st-Century Cyber-Enabled Crimes
  • Leveraging Digital Media Forensics to Fight Online Dis/Misinformation

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