Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium (RMCS24)

February 19, 2024 - February 22, 2024

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Source: Photo Credit U.S. Army
Source: Photo Credit U.S. Army

Hosted By: AFCEA

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA hosts an annual forum for industry, academia, and government to discuss and propose solutions to the challenges of cybersecurity, community cyber readiness, and homeland defense facing our nation. The theme this year is “Posturing of Cyber Forces for Near-Peer Conflict.”

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the significance of cyberspace in modern warfare is of extreme importance. In the realm of near-peer conflict, where the adversaries possess comparable technological capabilities, the posturing of cyber forces becomes paramount. RMCS24 will explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities associated with the strategy, policies, and workforce development required to effectively prepare for near-peer engagements.

Some of the topics for discussion include:

  • Cross-Domain Integration
  • Threat Assessment and Intelligence Fusion
  • Public and Private Collaboration
  • Innovation and Adaptation
  • Talent Acquisition, Training, and Retention

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