Agile Software Development

POSTED:  January 1, 2003

BY: David Cohen, Mikael Lindvall, Patricia Costa

The purpose of this report is to address this interest and provide a comprehensive overview of the current State-of-the-Art as well as State-of-the-Practice for Agile Methods. The first section discusses the history behind the trend, as well as the Agile Manifesto, a statement from the leaders of the Agile movement. The second section represents the State-of-the-Art and examines what it means to be Agile, discusses the role of management, describes and compares some of the more popular methods, provides a guide for deciding where an Agile approach is applicable and lists common criticisms of Agile techniques. The third section represents State-of-the-Practice and summarizes empirical studies, anecdotal reports, and lessons learned. The report concludes with an Appendix that includes a detailed analysis of various Agile Methods for the interested reader.

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