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SOARs are CSIAC publications that provide in-depth analysis of current technologies, research, and the latest technical information available on a topic within any of the CSIAC technical focus areas.

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Software Prototyping and Requirements Engineering

This report includes the motivation for using software prototyping in general and specifically in the context of requirements engineering. An overview of software prototyping covers life cycle models, approaches, pitfalls, and opportunities. The section on…

Software Analysis and Test Technologies

This report examines current software analysis and test technology and the needs that should be filled by future technology. Analysis and testing of the software include all life cycle activities conducted to verify and validate…

An Overview of Object Oriented Design

This report provides a basic understanding of Object-Oriented Design (OOD) and some of its features. The report briefly summarizes the history of OOD, includes a description of an OOD methodology, and defines and discusses various…