Notable Technical Inquiries (TIs)

Notable Inquiries

Notable TIs are findings and/or summaries of responses to the most recent and impactful technical inquiries submitted by CSIAC members under our 4 free hours of information research support

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Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) of AJEM, DREAM, ESAMS, and FLAME Models and the Tri-Services Flare Database

What is the verification, validation, and accreditation status of AJEM, DREAM, ESAMS, and FLAME models and the Tri-Services Flare Database?

Missile Simulations and Validation of Physics-Based Models Without Direct Access to Real Weapon Flight Test Data

What information is available on missile simulations and validation of physics-based models without direct access to real weapon flight test data?

Model Managers for COMBAT XXI, ATCOM, AWARS, CADARS, SoSAM, and OneSAF

Can you identify the model managers for the COMBAT XXI, ATCOM, AWARS, CADARS, SoSAM, and OneSAF modeling and simulation tools?

Comparative Assessments of AWARS, COMBAT XXI, and Logistics Battle Command Simulations

Can you provide an AWARS, COMBAT XXI, and logistics battle command simulation comparative assessment?

Counter-small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) Efforts of NATO Allies

What information is available on C-sUAS efforts of NATO allies?

Identifying Documents Related to U.S. Air Force Database Systems

Can you identify documents related to the following Air Force database systems: ILSS, GO81, IMDS, BLADE, ESCAPE, and ADVANA?

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