The State of 5G Technology and Applications to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Military

Source: U.S. Army
Source: U.S. Army

Posted on July 26, 2022 | Completed on June 30, 2022 | By: Philip Payne, Ryan Fowler

What is the state of 5G technology (and beyond) as it applies to the DoD and military?

The fifth-generation wireless communication technology, abbreviated “5G,” has the potential to transform communication systems.  The 5G mobile network will deliver higher speeds, lower latency, increased reliability, more network capacity, and increased interconnectivity.  With the deployment, modernization, and implementation of 5G technology into both preexisting and new systems, immense improvements are expected.  In recent years, there has been exponential growth in investments and interest in 5G technologies, as all sectors look to be innovative on the cusp of the new technology.  Taking full advantage of this technology will propel industry and DoD capabilities into the future with massive improvements, such as higher performance and improved efficiency.  This report focuses on the current state of this technology and specific use cases for the DoD.

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