A Secret to Understanding Complexity – A Temporal Approach to Engineering Software

Source: GAO

Presented: May 16, 2009 11:00 am
Presented by: Gordon Morrison

Complex software is difficult to scale. So if scaling is important then reduce the complexity as much as possible. The Coherent Object Software Architecture (COSA) approach, created by the presenter, makes it easier to reduce complexity and bring a new level of discipline to the writing of code for large systems.

If you are a program engineer/manager, software designer/developer, or quality engineer working in software-intensive systems engineering areas, this is an event that you cannot afford to miss. In this webinar Morrison will explain the COSA paradigm and how it can lead to significantly better quality software, curing the common ailments that create spaghetti code and enabling the developer to become effective in using model driven architecture (MDA).

He will focus on the process of engineering temporal software, which is vastly different from what we currently refer to as the software engineering process. Morrison asserts that when temporal architecture is fully implemented it can reduce the size of applications by up to 50% and reduce complexity by a factor of up to three times and yet maintain the same functions and features.

DACS invites you to spend an hour with Morrison learning about this new paradigm and how it works and providing evidence to support his assertions.

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