DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative


Presented: July 30, 2019 11:00 am
Presented by: Nicolas M. Chaillan

The current Department of Defense (DoD) software acquisition process is not responsive to the needs of our warfighters. Therefore, it is difficult for the DoD to keep pace with our potential adversaries and avoid falling behind them. To address this situation, the DoD is pursuing a new software development activity called the DOD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative. This webinar will present the vision for transforming DoD software acquisition into secure, responsive software factories. It will examine and explore the utilization of modern software development processes and tools to revolutionize the Department’s ability to provide responsive, timely, and secure software capabilities for our warfighters. The focus of the effort involves exploiting automated software tools, services, and standards so warfighters can rapidly create, deploy, and operate software applications in a secure, flexible, and interoperable manner.

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