Is The Two-Week Agile Sprint The Worst Software Idea Ever? Mgmt Issues in Software Assurance and Information Security

Presented: October 11, 2013 11:00 am
Presented by: Girish Seshagiri

In spite of significant investment in cyber security (approaching a trillion dollars, by some estimates), targeted cyber attacks on the nation’s critical infrastructure continue to increase exponentially. A majority of software applications fail rudimentary tests for cyber security vulnerabilities.

We start with the rhetorical question “Is the two-week agile sprint the worst software idea ever?” to illustrate the key point of this webinar that for effective software assurance and information security, we need to address management issues in software acquisition and software development and not just the technical aspects.

We offer a list of transformational principles and management actions to enable software acquisition as well as software development organizations to consistently require and deliver complex software solutions that are substantially defect free and secure from cyber attacks. We provide data from 20 projects that demonstrate that quality work is predictable and reduces defects, cycle time and total ownership cost.

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