Operational Technology Risk Assessment


Presented: October 23, 2018 11:00 am
Presented by: Dr. Rampaul Hollington, Stephen Brewster

Historically, an organization developed a Cybersecurity program to achieve compliance. It has been our experience, organizations which achieve full compliance cannot continue to operate because of strict Compliance requirements and the lack of a functional Cybersecurity program. The lack of a functional Cybersecurity program enables methodologies found within the Industrial Control System Cyber Kill Chain. Cybersecurity programs should enable an organization’s Mission and business objectives. When an organization develops a Cybersecurity program specific to the OT environment, compliance occurs naturally. This webinar describes cyber risk assessment for operational technology. It argues that a risk management approach to cybersecurity includes the integration of key activities: Cyber Workforce Development and training; Public-Private Partnerships; Operational Technology Risk Management Supply Chain cybersecurity; and cyber threats.

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