Threat Intelligence Program


Presented: September 1, 2020 11:00 am
Presented by: T.J. Minichillo

Intelligence fuels an organization’s ability to stay ahead of the next threat while enabling the business to make informed decisions. A successful threat intelligence program contextualizes threat data, aligns intelligence with business objectives, and then builds processes to satisfy those objectives. As technology evolves, threat actors will inevitably adopt new tools, tactics, and procedures – and diligence is required to stay on top of this rapidly-evolving threat landscape. If you exist as a third-party partner to another organization, your responsibility in your technology ecosystem extends beyond your own product/service offerings. Threat intelligence, coupled with the latest advancements in intelligent and self-protecting data technology, provides visibility into the latest threats, which can help you avoid becoming a backdoor in the next big data breach. This webinar covers important building blocks to establish, maintain, and manage a threat intelligence program at your organization.

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