USAF Software Assurance (SwA) Training Approach


Presented: May 1, 2020 11:00 am
Presented by: Mr. Kurt Jarvis

Hiring has always been a challenge, but the unique workload of software avionics, hardware integration, and cyber resiliency produce a unique situation that the U.S Air Force (USAF) has struggled with for years. In response to that growing need, the 76th Software Engineering Group (76 SWEG) responded with an approach to deliberately train a new hire to be cognizant of the vast USAF culture, dive deep into the technical facets of avionics and mission software development, and create the mentality to produce cyber-resilient products. This takes a focused training plan that leverages USAF, DoD, Industry, and Collegiate resources to guide each employee down the path they need for the specialty that they are being molded to fulfill. It isn’t cheap, it takes time and money to develop a subject-matter expert in the mission areas we have. Our warfighter deserves the best we can provide, and the employee deserves the top quality. This presentation will examine the 76 SWEG approach from selection, onboarding, integration, and continuing education. Are we doing all the right things? The answer to that should be represented by the performance of the resilient products that we deliver. We haven’t gotten all the training right, but our evolutions are continuing to bring us closer.

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