Cyber Security… the Virtual Frontier

Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection Concept

Posted: July 14, 2017 | By: Paul Engelhart

Just a few short months ago on July 1st, 2012 the new Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) contract was awarded to Quanterion Solutions Incorporated, marking the beginning of a new era within the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Information Analysis Center (IAC) program as the first combined Basic Center Operation (BCO) contract. Formed as the consolidation of three legacy IAC’s – the Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS), the Information Assurance Technology Assurance Center (IATAC), and the Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) – along with the addition of the new technical domain of Knowledge Management and Information Sharing, the CSIAC is chartered to leverage best practices and expertise from government, industry, and academia on cyber security and information technology. Operating in an agile manner, the CSIAC will monitor and utilize emerging technologies of information assurance, software technology, software and systems engineering, modeling and simulation, knowledge management and information sharing.

As discussed in the Information Analysis Center Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, the overarching vision of the IAC program is based on driving innovation and technological developments by successfully anticipating, as well as responding to, the information needs of the defense user community while enhancing collaboration through integrated Scientific and Technical Information (STI) development and dissemination. However, increased access to information presents both challenges as well as opportunities. The speed of information allows us to connect resources in real-time, but our adversaries have achieved that same benefit. In the past, we have been faced with limited access to information. Our current challenge is sorting through too much data to find the right information for the right person at the right time. The CSIAC is poised, through the implementation of their innovative Community of Practice collaboration concept, to provide unbiased STI and analysis, based on collecting resources from around the world and across time, in order to provide timely, relevant and accurate information.

As we look into the near and distant future, it reminds me of the original Star Trek vision back in the mid-60’s: “Cyber security… the virtual frontier. These are the voyages of the Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center. It’s continuing mission… to explore strange new challenges, to seek out new technologies and new paradigms, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” As we forge ahead with the new CSIAC, please feel free to contact us with any feedback, concerns, and/or questions. The CSIAC is here to help you!

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