Emerging Technology & Innovation Conference

May 7, 2023 - May 9, 2023

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Source: NIST
Source: NIST

Hosted By: act-iac, cvent

Location: Cambridge, MD

Emerging technologies are transforming the global ecosystem at an accelerating pace and presenting unprecedented opportunities for innovation, impact, and career growth. Even though the U.S. has experienced rising costs, economic uncertainty, and a workforce talent crisis, emerging and innovative technologies have continued to advance including the release of new and innovative artificial intelligence tools, movement into quantum technology, robotics and nanotechnology, intelligent automation, 5G, smart city platforms, drones, and much more. The promise of these technologies and accelerating public imperatives are pressing both government and industry into more agile and stronger infrastructures, increasing the use of data for predictive trends and strategic decision making, and underscoring the need for better and more effective communication.

This event will showcase what both industry and government are doing in emerging cyber fields.

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