Published:  December 4, 2018

Launching Innovation through Medical Modeling and Simulation Technologies

Medical simulations are an integral part of the military health system, providing opportunities for skills development and performance assessment of both individual and team-level medical-related tasks. This Special Edition of the Journal “Launching Innovation through Medical Modeling and Simulation Technologies” will provide a glimpse into current efforts to improve military medical training with simulation-based solutions.

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Launching Innovation through Medical Modeling and Simulation Technologies

The field of medical simulation originated in ancient times, where simple models of human patients were portrayed in clay and stone to represent clinical features of disease progression and its effects on humans. Historical data…

High-Fidelity Surgical Fasciotomy Simulator for Training Special Operations Medics

Fascia, a fibrous connective tissue, is responsible for allocating skeletal muscles and corresponding neurovasculature into function-based compartments. Pressure is capable of accumulating within these compartments, initiating the onset of a condition commonly referred to as…

Saving Female Lives using Simulation: Elevating the Training Experience

In order to effectively train Soldiers to feel comfortable providing medical care to females, and to react without hesitation in life-threatening situations, trainees should be given the opportunity to train with realistic female anatomical models…

Capabilities of the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Medical Simulation Center

A recent study (Makary & Daniel, 2016) of medical errors have estimated preventable medical errors may account for as many as 251,000 deaths annually in the United States (U.S.). They are also the third cause…

Navy Medical Modeling and Simulation in a DHA-Service World

This article reviews the background, scope, equipment, and organization of MM&S, placing particular emphasis on the evolving relationship between Readiness-oriented and Clinical Benefit-oriented training. The history of medical modeling and simulation is relatively contemporary, but…