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The Internet of Things and the “Next War”

The Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IOT) is based upon the integration of commercial TCP-IP networks with ubiquitous, embedded, Control Systems hardware attached to such things as wall plugs, speakers, lights, cameras, thermostats,…

5th Generation (5G) Technology Explained

How would you like to download a 2GB movie in six seconds or less? Well, this next-generation wireless technology will soon be available with the launching of 5G wireless networks along with compatible cellular technologies….


Fifth Generation Cellular – A Discussion with Idaho National Laboratory on 5G – Part 1-4

Part 1 This multi-part series explores a broad range of aspects regarding fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. This initial podcast episode will describe the basics of 5G, including the evolution of this wireless technology. It…

Authenticating Devices in Fog Multi-Access Computing Environments through a Wireless Grid Resource Sharing Protocol

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, Fog computing, multi-access Edge computing and wireless grids has resulted in the widespread deployment of relatively immature technology. These technologies, which will primarily use…

5th Generation (5G) Technology

This podcast is a breakdown episode where the CSIAC discusses current topics in further depth. CSIAC tries to breakdown the complexity of the topic. The 5th generation (5G) of wireless technology will soon be available…