Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs)

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DevSecOps Pipeline for Complex Software-Intensive Systems: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges

A major challenge for cybersecurity comes from new technology approaches that focus primarily on the benefits of implementation rather than on defining the governance and risk management changes necessary to establish and enforce appropriate protections….

Cyberphysical Infrastructure Testbeds

Cyberphysical security challenges intersecting the Internet and the electricity grid – and therefore, all critical infrastructures – require multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships across the nation to protect against known clear and present dangers. Cyberphysical infrastructure testbeds…

Certified Security by Design for the Internet of Things

Incorporating security into the design of components used in the Internet of Things (IoT) is essential for securing the operations of the IoT and the cyber-physical infrastructure upon which society depends. The pervasiveness of the…